Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Sevcan Ünlütürk

Principal Investigator

PhD Students

Berkay Berk

PhD Candidate

Yadigar Seyfi Cankal

Ph.D. Candidate

MSc Students

Ebru Köroğlu

MSc Student

Özgül Gerçeker

MSc Student

BSc Students

Gaye Azazi

BSc Student

Aysel Nur Güzel

BSc Student

Emirhan Atlayan

BSc Student

Gamze İnanlı

BSc Student

Ecrin Demir

BSc Student

Elissa Maakrech

BSc Student

Ceren Başaran

BSc Student


Yadigar Seyfi Cankal (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: Investigation of the usability of radiochromic films for determination of dose uniformity of food surface in UV-C treatment

Gökçen Baykuş (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: Investigation of applicability of UV-light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) as an alternative technology in pasteurization of cold-pressed and newly formulated mixed beverage

Pınar Şirin (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: Rheological, textural, physico-chemical and sensory properties of low sugar apple marmalade

Merve Akgün (MSc & PhD)

PhD Dissertation Title: Assesment of the efficiency of UV light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) for Fruit Juice Pasteurization

Zehra Kaya (MSc & PhD)

PhD Dissertation Title: Development of different koruk (unripe grape) products by using several processing techniques

Semanur Yıldız (MSc & PhD)

PhD Dissertation Title: Bioactive compound retention and shelf life extension of strawberry juice by selected nonthermal processing technologies

Bengi Hakgüder Taze (MSc & PhD)

PhD Dissertation Title: Investigation of the effect of different processing techniques on the overall quality and shelf life of local apricot variety of Igdir (Prunus armeniaca L., cv. Şalak)

Mehmet Reşat Atılgan (MSc & PhD)

PhD Dissertation Title: Design of a continuous flov uv reactor for opaque liquid foods by using computational fluid dynamics (cfd)

Özge Yıldız (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: Investigation of the pyhsical and chemical properties of milk containing antibiotics

Şelale Öncü (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: Investigation of the effects of dissolved oxygen concentration, aeration and agitation on the morphology and rheology in submerged fungal fermentation

Pınar Alkan (MSc)

MSc Thesis Title: The confirmation of the commercial kits used in the detection of antibiotics in milk with HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography)