TÜBİTAK – 2209A Project Support

4 projects prepared by our undergraduate students were supported under the scope of TÜBİTAK 2209A – University Students Research Program. Here you can find the details of the projects:

Student: Ecrin Demir

Supervisor: Res. Assist. Yadigar Seyfi Cankal

Project Name: Determination of the Effect of Bokashi Compost on Parsley Production, Physical Properties and Some Nutritional Values from Bokashi Compost Obtained from Domestic Wastes within the Scope of Sustainability

Student: Emirhan Atlayan

Supervisor: Res. Assist. Berkay Berk

Project Name: Determining the Anthocyanin Content of Various Red Wines Using Digital Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Designing an Imaging Cabinet

Student: Aysel Nur Güzel

Supervisor: Res. Assist. Berkay Berk

Project Name: Statistical Optimization of Foaming and Drying Processes in Foam-Mat Drying of Oat Milk Using Soapwort Extract

Student: Gamze İnanlı

Supervisor: Res. Assist. Berkay Berk

Project Name: Upcycling Food Waste in the Kitchen: Development of Lycopene and Inulin-Rich Powdered Soup Formulation Using Mixture Design