Prizes from Congress Presentations

3 different studies won prizes from 13th Food Engineering Student Congress hosted by Ege University Food Engineering Department on 17-18 May 2024. Details of the studies are below:

“Mathematical Modeling and Rheological Characterization of the Flaxseed Mucilage Extraction Process” (First Prize in Oral Presentation Category)
Emirhan Atlayan, Serra Yılmaz, Berkay Berk, Sevcan Unluturk

“Rheological Characterization of Gluten-Free Cake Batter and Its Effect on Final Product Quality” (Second Prize in Oral Presentation Category)
Berkay Berk, Sevcan Unluturk

“Investigation of the Effect of the Use of Flaxseed Mucilage Powder on Batter Rheology and Some Quality Characteristics in Gluten-Free Cake Making” (Second Prize in Poster Presentation Category)
Serra Yılmaz, Emirhan Atlayan, Berkay Berk, Sevcan Unluturk

We wish the continuation of our research group’s success and hope to win other prizes in the other platforms!